Situation Earth


A global situation room for environmental challenges.

Product Development, Project Management, Admin, Data Wrangling

  • Details

    • Led project from concept to release

    • Translated wireframes + designs into product features for technical team

    • Developed original data schema for project

    • Sourced data including supply chain data, geopolitical data, and environmnetal trend data

  • The Best Parts

    Still Underway

MCJ Sustainable Investment Framework

Core Team

An investment framework for a 2° world

Project Management, Research, Copywriting, Innovation

  • Details

    • Helped lead a distributed group of 70 people, including a core group of 10, to align on a project intention and create a decisionmaking framework for environmental investments

    • Delivered results within two weeks, with team members working across time zones (California to Europe)

    • Open-sourced our work to invite further collaboration, while designing our GitHub repository to be accessible + intuitive for people who lack programming experience

  • The Best Parts

    • Working on a challenging project with a fantastic group.

    • Presenting results on a panel, moderated by Clay Dumas and Jason Jacobs

Mattereum / Roum Collaboration

Project Manager

Working with Mattereum (led by Vinay Gupta) and artists at RoUm to create the first generation of Mattereum digital assets.

Project Management, Admin, Storytelling, Innovation

  • Details

    Under Wraps

  • The Best Parts

    Under Wraps

Referral Rock

Product Designer

Led product and design industry-leading referral marketing software, with customers including AT&T, TripAdvisor, and Random House publishing.

Product Management, UX/UI, Prototyping, Customer Research, Copywriting, Technical Writing

  • Details

    • Led product development. Starting from input of CEO and Customer Success team, created intial wireframes and prototypes, delivered finalized designs, and wrote technical requirements for development team.

    • Collaborated with CEO, Customer Succcess team, and technical team, to gather user feedback, identify priority areas, and map features

    • Built new UX flows, assisted with company content, and created company-wide product release videos

  • The Best Parts

    • Developing rapport and workflows with CEO and other team leads

    • Working with a great team on a product that customers loved

What I Can


Helping people join the organizations and take the actions that make a difference.

UX/UI, Product Design, Full-Stack Development, Research, Copywriting

  • Details

    • See what you can do about climate change

    • See how you can protect your online privacy

  • Testimony

    Still in development, but MVP recieved positive feedback from several organizations, inluding Sunrise and Fridays for Future.

Time to Solve


Building urgent solutions for climate change and the sustainable transition.

Project vision, Research, Full-Stack Development, Content Creation, Network Building

  • Details

    • Researched climate crisis at systemic levels, identifying urgent problem areas and scalable solutions

    • Developed an open-source framework to guide the effort

    • Formed vision, built website (front-end: HTML/CSS/JS, back-end: Ruby on Rails), crafted content + videos, managed community/social media, led outreach

  • Testimony

    "Something very worthy."
    - A big name in tech

Disposable Health ID


Building tools to put citizens in control of their health data, as societies transition from COVID-19.

Research, UX/UI, Communications, Copywriting, Community

  • Details

    • Working daily with leaders in cryptography, identity, smart cities, IOT, public health, and data sovereignty.

    • Helped project leaders and developers to determine focus/intention of technical work.

    • Collaborated with designers to scope use cases and create user stories.

    • Engaged in practical discussions around critical issues (COVID-19 scenarios, national health policy, and communication efforts).

  • Example

    A comic-inspired experience, communicating the importance of community context in any national COVID plan.

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Project Manager

A crowdsourced fact-checking tool to fight online misinformation.

Product design, UI/UX, Branding, Strategy, Community Ambassador (interviews + presentations), Stakeholder engagement

  • Details

    • Built on browser annotation technology, CrowdFact's objective is to combine user annotations with ML to fact-check content in real-time

    • Developed an open-source framework to guide the effort

    • Wrote funding proposals + pitch deck, developed project strategy, determined feature priorities, built brand persona, engaged with private stakeholders (partners, digital media orgs) and public stakeholders (MEPs and public officials), served as a public face for the company

  • The Best Parts

    • Built relationships with groups including Deutchse Bank, Avaaz, and leading digital innovators across Europe.

    (Even recieved an invite to present our work to the European Comission in Brussels!)

    • Presentation from iAnno Conference 2019:

    (Presentation Slides)

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Universal Basic Nutrition


Autonomous insect farms, built for sustainable basic nutirition.

System design, Insect research, UI/UX, Narrative, Communication, Strategy, Pitching

  • Details

    • Built a blueprint and digital prototype in 48 hours at the largest Blockchain/AI hackathon in the world.

    • Competing against long-established teams, helped lead a group of strangers to a place among the finalists.

    • Collaborated with subject matter experts to understand the full life cycle of farmed insects and the production process

    • Determined the stages in the life cycle which require intervention, and prototyped automated solutions for each intervention

    • Studied diverse international contexts to understand how our solution could assimilate in different cultures, and designed the solution with local adoption in mind

    • Collaborated with team of developers, designers, ethicists, and food researchers to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines

    • Selected as an award-winning finalist

  • Final Presentation

Waste No More

Product Lead

A smart fridge in the palm of your hand.

Product Development, Ideation, Concept, Mockups, Front-End (React), Narrative, Presentation, Web Design, AR

  • Details

    • In 36 hours, helped lead product, design, development for an innovative food waste app at the BCG Digital Ventures hackathon.

    • Worked between dedicated designers and full-stacked developers, wearing multiple hats

    • Crafted story, built + designed website (front-end: HTML/CSS/JS), polished mobile app (React)

  • Testimony

    Recognized as one of the top solutions by event organizers and jury.



Responsive web app, helping you go zero with your CO2 footprint.

Product Development, Ideation, Design (Figma), Front-End Dev (Django), Narrative, Branding, Web Design

  • Details

    • Started with the question: "How are people trying to make progress in their sustainability journey?"

    • Delivered a user-centric, localized solution, integrating the most relevant information and tools

    • Went from co-creation to fully-functional MVP in less than 30 hours, incl. live air quality data, sandbox payments for offsets, and advanced educational interfaces.

  • Testimony

    Commended by sutainability leads from the City of Zurich, Zurich RE, IBM, and Oracle.

Supply Chain Ideation


Built product + market strategy for sustainable supply-chain company at Volkswagen Forum.

Product Design, User Advocacy, Market Strategy, Ecosystem Development, Presentation

  • Details

    • Identified stakeholders, researched UX with on-site users, mapped user journeys

    • Explored new opportunities with existing technical foundation

    • Organized findings into a dedicated action plan and presentation

  • Peer Group

    Worked with industry experts from Volkswagen, IBM, Strategy Group Procurement, Zalando, and more.

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Flip List


A Twitter API to scale digital outreach for critical public issues.

Product design, UX, Ruby on Rails, Community outreach, Social media

  • Details

    • Developed FlipList as a tool to optimize digital activism for critical public issues

    • Crafted product design and UX; collaborated with a developer to build a custom Twitter API

    • Led product development from a manual prototype into an automated tool

  • Results

    On Day 1, empowered a group of 60 people to send 1K tweets to Congress in support of Net Neutrality

    Since then, FlipList has been utilized to support climate action, non-profit organizaiton, and majoritarian political reform in the U.S. and Europe

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Shared Mobility Protocol


A community-powered ridesharing network.

Digital innovation, Research, Product design, Front-end development, UI/UX, Pitching, Presentation

  • Details

    • Built prototype and deployed on Testnet in 36 hours at ETH Berlin Zwei Hackathon.

    • Led product design, UI/UX, and front-end development.

  • Relevant Links
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Climate Campaign

Digital Strategy

Catalyzing the environmental vote during 2018 U.S. mid-term elections.

Project management, Content creation, Social media, Digital organizing, Facebook Ads

  • Details

    • Concieved high-leverage strategy for environmental Get out the Vote campaign

    • Using real-time forecasts from 538, identified the most important Congressional races, where the difference between candidates would represent the biggest difference in environmental policy

    • From there, identified the cities and counties that comprised top-priority districts

    • Finally, selected paramaters to reach the voting population in those precise locations

  • Results

    The campaign reached 74,000 people, generated 827 engagements, and prompted 93 shares

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Product Lead

A social discussion platform (and experiment in ad-free media), where users earn for their contributions.

Product design, UI/UX, Front-end (Elm), Back-end (Haskell), White Paper, Copywriting, Content creation, Social media

  • Details

    • Developed product strategy

    • Created wireframes and user flows. Collaborated with designers and developers to bring them to life

    • Analyzed data (Google Analytics, funnels, heat maps) + conducted user research to determine development priorities

    • Coded alongside developers to polish the product and implement new features

    • Designed + developed the product's mobile/responsive interface

  • Product Demos
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A webshop to connect consumers with sustainable lifestyle products, helping us make a difference every day.

Shopify configuration, UI/UX, product research, Graphic design, Content creation, Social media

  • Details

    • Concieved concept + MVP

    • Conducted industry, sustainability, and product research

    • Designed site's branding, product descriptions, and graphics

    • Worked within Shopify's codebase to configure final store design

  • Example Item

    Water-Filter Pitcher

    This water-filter pitcher gives you 2 years worth of clean drinking water (150 gallons) - straight from your tap.

    It saves 1100+ plastic water bottles from sitting in our landfills and polluting our oceans.

    It's been tested on-site in Flint, Michigan, reducing lead and copper from the community water sources.

    It removes the most dangerous contaminants - including flouride, lead, chromium, copper, mercury, and chlorine - from your water supply, while keeping healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium to bolster your health.

    And it comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it ever breaks, you get a replacement - free-of-charge.

    Plus, it's made with 100% recycled, vegan, and BPA-free materials ...

    ... and it's half the cost of buying 150 gallons of fresh, clean water at the supermarket.

    Clean your water, save your money, and make your world a better place.

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Content Editor

A curated collection of the world's leading fitness and wellbeing retreats and hotels

CMS (Magento), Research, Copywriting, Content creation, Editing, Stakeholder engagement

  • Details

    • Developed promotional content for wellness retreat packages. From vivid summaries, to the personal details ("Will the hotel have vegetarian choices for me?"), and immersive photos to start you on the journey

    • Worked with retreat organizers, outside brands, and enthusiastic clients to explore new opportunities

    • As role expanded, responsibilities grew to include ownership of the site's Blog and landing page

  • Example Pages

    Landing Page (Internet Archive)

    Site is no longer active, in process of recovering content

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AutoPilot + Brothers


Collaborated with a TV Star and agent on the writing/development of two original feature film scripts.

Film Development, Writing, Research, Cold calling, Video editing

  • Details

    • Worked as an intern at multiple LA production companies, leading to a mailroom position at William Morris Endeavor

    • Instead of climbing the industry ladder, wrote an innovative original script and attached Hollywood talent

    • Led to a collaboration with an A-List TV star and rising agent on the development of two original film projects

    Send an email if you'd like to see any scripts or related material

  • Testimony

    "This is an ingenious idea incredibly well-executed...

    Part of me would love to play [the lead]...

    Part of me would love to figure out how I could direct this movie."

    - A-List TV star

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Bleacher Report


One of the world's largest sports media websites.

Rose through the organization from intern to Editor.

CMS, Editing, Content creation, Reviews, Written Feedback, Administration

  • Details

    • Revised live articles to ensure grammatical and stylistic consistency across all B/R content

    • Constructed feedback for writers to foster improvement within the company

    • Worked in real time with a remote staff, ensuring all content met B/R standards and upheld the brand

  • Live Content